How to use Reading Kingdom on an iPad – Update


Recently we told you about a great app that lets you run Reading Kingdom on an iPad. It’s called “iSwifter” and it costs $5.

Since then many of you have written in to tell us that the same company that made iSwifter has another app called “Rover” and it’s completely FREE!

ipad-apps-for-kidsYou can find Rover in the iTunes store here:

or by searching for “Rover” in the App Store on your iPad.

They also have a website here:
(We’re not sure if there are any advantages to using the paid app over the free app, but we’ll update you when we know.)

When you run Reading Kingdom on an iPad don’t forget to set Reading Kingdom to use the on-screen keyboard.

To do this, when you log in and you go to the reader page, at the top of the page just below the “Click to continue” button is the option.

Select the option to “Use an onscreen keyboard for the program.”










(Please note that we do not have any relationship with the company that makes Rover and iSwifter. We are merely recommending them as a useful solution.)

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