ASD Reading Review: “This program so well thought out I was impressed from the minute we started…”

“ASD Reading is an online reading site that is meant to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with learning to read. The program is meant for kids 4-10 that are the spectrum. This program so well thought out I was impressed from the minute we started…

My daughter told me she loved the program. She said it is fun, but it is also a great way to get ready for the upcoming school year. She plans to keep practicing with it daily.

So as a Mom, this is my thoughts. I love that she loves it. That is most important. If she does not like something it is such a chore and a hassle to do or get anything done. So that is a huge win for me.

It is so logical. The way the steps and lessons are laid out is great. Some of it is stuff I never would have thought to teach or address.  The simple directional arrow of selecting letters left to right. I guess I just take things like that for granted and do not think my child needed instruction on that.

The characters are cute as well as the website design. It is engaging without being distracting. My daughter has pet named the dinosaur “Readasaurus”.

I LOVE this program, I highly recommend it if your child has any need for a safe and comfortable learning experience.”

— Kerry Smith

ASD Reading teaches children on the autism spectrum to read.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.



Melissa Bernard

Melissa is Reading Kingdom’s community manager and mom to two daughters, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 tortoises.She is also an advocate for children with special needs as her youngest daughter suffers from Cerebral Palsy.Another major passion for Melissa is animal welfare and she volunteers as a foster parent for stray and abandoned animals.