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Showing Up for Excellence

Many of you have been asking me if I’m still tutoring Victor. I am. I’m continuing to tutor him once a week, though I’m going to be blogging about him once a month. Increased activity in the Reading Kingdom company (and rest of the blog) is the main reason for my decision. Great news! After several months of waiting and…

Ask Dr. Marion: Helping the Auditory Learner

    Dr. Marion Blank, creator and founder of The Reading Kingdom program is answering your questions about reading and learning. To leave a question for Dr. Marion, visit the Reading Kingdom Facebook Page and let us know how we can help.   Jeane asks: My daughter, Eva, is an auditory learner, and she has trouble connecting sounds and writing….

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Learning Tip: How to Teach Children Spans of Time

Did you know that only 74% of Americans know America gained its independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776?* An understanding of time is one of the most valuable intellectual tools we have for organizing huge amounts of information. That’s why we have started a discussion on ways to teach time so that children gain solid access to the…

Ask the Reading Expert: What kind of Program is Reading Kingdom?

What kind of reading program is Reading Kingdom, and how does it work with phonics? This question really gets to the heart of what reading instruction is all about. Previously, educators relied almost exclusively on the sounds of phonics and the whole words of sight reading to teach reading skills. Using these methods, between 35%-40% of children are failing to…

Moms Review Reading Kingdom Program

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