Is the Reading Kingdom Right for Children on the Spectrum?

Parents and teachers of children on the autistic spectrum are steadily searching for programs to enhance the children’s skills. So we are regularly asked if it would be useful for them to use the Reading Kingdom.

Often the answer is “yes,” but it is not an unqualified yes. Generally, the children should possess oral language skills that enable them to produce three to four word phrases or sentences. Since the program requires no expressive language and no sounding out, it can also be used with non-speaking children—but they should show signs of good receptive language.

Also, any child who is going to use the program should be willing and able to sit at a computer and work in a calm, sustained manner for about 15 minutes. Children on the spectrum often have limitations with fine motor skills. These can be handled by the adult supporting the child’s hands. Ways to accomplish this are outlined in Helping Hand: What to do when a child needs help with the mouse and keyboard.

Sometimes, the more complex stories may be a bit difficult for a child to use. In these cases, the adult, rather than the child, should “do” the story on the computer –so that the program can continue on. However, this does not mean that the child is deprived of these stories. Paper versions of the stories are available and are often more user-friendly for the children since there are no time constraints. Their comprehension skills are also helped considerably if our Steps to Stories and Story Smarts programs are used along with the Reading Kingdom.

The best way to find out if the Reading Kingdom is right for your child, is to try the Reading Kingdom free 30-day trial. If the Reading Kingdom is a good match for your child, you will see noticeable results.

Reading Kingdom

Literacy and reading expert, Dr. Marion Blank



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