Reading Kingdom's founders

Dr. Marion Blank, Chairman
Dr. Marion Blank - Chairman

Dr. Marion Blank created the Reading Kingdom system over the last 40 years. She is a world-renowned expert on reading and language who currently serves on the faculty of Columbia University where she developed and ran the Light on Learning Program. Dr. Blank received the Upton Sinclair Award which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to education. She's currently developing additional educational programs and products. Read her full bio here.

Jonathon Blank, CEO
Jonathan Blank - CEO

Jonathan Blank has over 15 years experience in software and technology development. He has been working closely with Dr. Blank, who also happens to be his mom, for over 20 years. Previously he co-founded Wildform, an award-winning multimedia presentation and e-Learning software company that created Flix, the first Flash video encoding software, and licensed its technology to leading technology companies such as Adobe, Sony, Quark, Autodesk, and On2/Google.