Getting started with the Reading Kingdom

Getting started with the Reading Kingdom

To get started all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Then just sign up for a free trial, add a reader account (or more than one) and the Reading Kingdom program will take care of the rest. The program will briefly evaluate your child's skills and start him or her off at exactly the right level.

The length of time a child will need to complete the program varies depending on his or her skills. To complete the entire set of components takes about 12-15 months, assuming a child starts at the first level and completes four to five sessions a week. Many children, who already have some reading skills, can often complete the program in as few as 3-6 months. Children can also move through the program more quickly by doing more than 4 sessions per week.

Checklist for what you need to use the program

A computer with a mouse

We recommend using a mouse instead of a trackpad, or other pointing device, because it's easier for children to operate). It does not have to be the latest and best computer. Any computer will do (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

Internet access

It does not have to be the best and fastest connection. Any connection will work (though faster is preferred).

Your computer needs a free web browser

(Such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari) and the free Flash player (available from Most computers already have these installed.

An adult to supervise a child logging on and getting started

Adult supervision is typically only required at the beginning of the program. Once a child has gotten familiar with the program, he or she can normally use it completely independently. In fact, the program relies on adult supervisors not assisting a child so that the program can accurately determine a child's reading level and whether he or she has learned the material. One adult can supervise multiple children simultaneously.

Children should be at least 4 years old, be able to sit quietly and pay attention for 15 minutes, and they should be able to use a mouse

(The ability to use a mouse with some adult assistance as outlined in the program's included instructions is fine).

To ensure success, a child should use the program at least 4 days per week

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