Reading Kingdom Books 1-30

Reading Kingdom Books 1-30

Stories from the Reading Kingdom program for your child to keep by
Dr. Marion Blank

The books of the Reading Kingdom are divided into five levels with six stories at each level.

Reading Kingdom is an online program with interactive, animated books. We offer these print versions of the same books so children can read them away from the computer.

  • 30 attractive, full color picture stories, grouped into 5 levels of complexity
  • stories designed to advance steadily from simple to more complex—so that a child always experiences mastery and success
  • instructions that tell you exactly how to present the stories and how to deal with any errors or difficulties that may occur

To Purchase:
Reading Kingdom Level 1 Books 1-6 ($14.99)

Characters such as kids and animals are central to any story. This first level presents the simple, basic phrases and sentences needed to discuss these key "residents" of the story world.

Reading Kingdom Level 2 Books 7-12 ($14.99)

After being introduced, in Level 1, to characters (such as kids and animals) and key properties of those characters, Level 2 increases the complexity of the writing to introduce longer sentences, more sentences on a page and some unique features of text such as quotations and the punctuation they require. This level also offers pages of text unaccompanied by pictures--a key component of effective reading.

Reading Kingdom Level 3 Books 13-18 ($14.99)

In Level 3, the books systematically introduce the past tense - a form that is critical to effective retelling of events. In addition, the stories are longer and extend over two books. Comprehension activities are introduced aimed at teaching children the vital skill of knowing how to summarize stories.

Reading Kingdom Level 4 Books 19-24 ($14.99)

Non-story books such as books on science are critical to reading success. At this level, children are introduced to science-related texts such as the habits of animals and the manned space flight to the moon. Presentation of this material naturally entails more complex vocabulary and more sophisticated sentences.

Reading Kingdom Level 5 Books 25-30 ($14.99)

At this level, the books offer richer, fantasy-based stories that contain characters who experience complex thoughts, emotions and experiences. This sets the stage for the children to independently and successfully read the wide array of appealing books that are aimed not at teaching reading, but at enjoying reading.

About the author:

Dr. Marion Blank is a world-renowned literacy and language expert on the faculty of Columbia University where she created and directed the Light on Learning Program. She has lectured extensively around the world, authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles and books and developed numerous award winning teaching programs (including the ground-breaking reading education site, She is a recipient of the Upton Sinclair Award which honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to education.

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