Reading Kingdom for Dyslexia

Reading Kingdom is the Solution for Students with Dyslexia

Brad Peterson

Reading Kingdom has transformed the teaching of reading - it's outstanding.

Dr. Bradley Peterson, USC

Reading Kingdom is a unique teaching solution that addresses many of the problems experienced by students with dyslexia.
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Problem: Spelling

We all know that reading is tough for children with dyslexia. But their spelling is often even worse. It’s not hard to understand why. In reading, one can make out a word when some, and not all, of the letters are recognized. So seeing a long word with an e an l and a ph can be enough to come up with the word elephant. Spelling requires far more precision. Every single letter must be there and in the right order for a word to be correct.

Reading Kingdom’s Solution:

From the very beginning, Reading Kingdom teaches the visual memory and writing skills that lead to accurate spelling. And by preventing the errors from the start, students experience the error-free learning that is so vital for motivation.

Problem: Sequencing

Dyslexic students frequently confuse letters such as “b” and “d” or words such as “was” and “saw.” Years ago, this led people to think that they were seeing things in “reverse.” We now know that this not the case. Instead, the confusions stem from problems in visual sequencing. Reading is the only major activity where sequencing changes the meaning. That’s why the three letters N O W mean something totally different if their order is now or won or own.

Reading Kingdom’s Solution:

Reading Kingdom is unique in making the teaching of accurate visual sequencing a key component.

Problem: Naming

The naming of things is an integral part of language development that begins as soon as we start speaking. But naming can also be a challenging activity for many students. The challenges are known as the “the tip of the tongue” phenomenon. We know the name we want, but somehow it eludes us. Research has shown that children with dyslexia can have significant challenges in this area. And the implications for reading are profound. It means that even though students with dyslexia can recognize many words, they get stuck when having to come up with the names for those words.

Reading Kingdom’s Solution:

Research has shown that naming challenges can best be overcome by giving many repeated and varied experiences with the same words so that a student becomes very familiar with them. Reading Kingdom is the only program that has these repeated and varied lessons for every word in the program.