Early Readers

FAQs: Early readers

Is the Reading Kingdom good for children who are in preschool or kindergarten?

Yes, the Reading Kingdom is ideal for young children. You will not find anyone who is more eager to read than children in this age group. But most reading programs are not suitable because they call for skills that the children do not have. For example, memorizing lots of complex rules. The Reading Kingdom, on the other hand, has been specifically constructed to avoid having to learn any rules. The lessons are also designed to be short, generally requiring only about 15- 20 minutes. So a teaching session never drains their effort or attention. And they love the books which they are able to start reading after learning only 8 words. By starting the system before first grade, the children become stars in their class. The end result is a level of confidence that sets them on the path to steady success.

My four year old is starting to recognize words. Is that a sign that this might be a good time to start teaching reading?

For many young children, reading is a magical world they would love to enter. The drive to figure out words on their own is one sign of this interest and it is great to do everything possible to foster it. So it's fine to teach your young child to read as long as he or she meets a few basic criteria. These are the ability:

  • To sit and do school like activities for 15 minutes at a time
  • To express ideas in complete sentences
  • To match shapes
  • To use a computer mouse and keyboard (with adult assistance if required)

If your child has these abilities, he or she is a good candidate to become an early successful reader.