Reading & Writing Level 1

Reading & Writing Level 1

Level 1 presents characters such as kids and animals that are central to any story. This first level presents the simple, basic phrases and sentences needed to discuss these key "residents" of the story world.

Level New Words New Words + Variants Total New Words New Books
1 36 63 99 6

Here is an example of teaching the word "robot" through the Pick the Picture format which uses carefully constructed language to link the word to the object named.

In teaching the word "robot" the child sees the following and is told "click the robot."
Next, the child is asked to type the word.

Here is an example of teaching the super sight word "it" through the Detect and Select format. (Super sight words are a group of about 100 words - all of which are taught in the Reading Kingdom - which occupy 50%-60% of every page of text in the English language.) Successful reading requires a steady scanning of words from left-to-right. For example, the same words (can fly they) convey very different messages depending on their order (e.g., they can fly vs. can they fly). To help children achieve smooth scanning, the Detect 'n Select format shows lines of text containing several instances of the target word.

For the word it, for example, children see the following:
The child's job is to scan the lines and click on each instance of the target word.

After learning all the words in a book, children are given the book to read and/or have read to them by the program. Level 1 has 6 books. Here is a sample page from Book 5.

book 5 sample

Every other book is a fill in book that requires children to select and type words to complete the missing parts, so that they become more active participants in the reading/writing process. Here is a sample page from Book 6:
Once a child has filled in all the words, the shading is removed from the image and it animates.

Length of time to complete

  • All the books have engaging graphics, animations, sound effects and music.
  • Children are taught all the words in a book before beginning a book, so they can always read it successfully.
  • Children can click on any word to hear the word said aloud so they never have to face the frustration of not knowing what a word is "saying."

Length of time to complete

Typically one new word or one new book is offered in a session. Prior to teaching a word, the program determines if a child already knows that word, and if so, the program skips that word and moves on to the next word. As children become more proficient, they are taught two new words per session. Assuming 4 to 5 sessions a week, a level takes approximately 6-10 weeks to complete.

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