Teach Your Child To Read with the Reading Kingdom

Do you want your child to love reading?

Do you want your child to be an A student?

Do you want your child to succeed?

Then you teach your child to read with the Reading Kingdom!

Teach Your Child To Read with the Reading Kingdom

It's the ONLY fun, easy-to-use online reading program that customizes itself to your child and teaches all the skills necessary to make your child a successful reader and writer. It's acclaimed, tested, and trusted by moms, teachers and educators.

I love how the program is customized to teach the students exactly what they need. It focuses only on their weaknesses to help turn these areas into strengths. Once the child masters a level, they move on to the next area that they need to work on. This program helps in the areas of reading, writing, keyboarding skills and keeps me, as a teacher, up to date on the progress that my students are making. Then I know where to focus my time with them as well. Thank you Reading Kingdom A++!!

Melissa Holyfield, teacher

After your one month free trial, subscriptions to Reading Kingdom are $19.99/month , or $199.99 per year. Additional children in your family get 50% off ($9.99/month). You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Is it right for your child?

The program is for children 4-10 years old, from kids who are not yet reading and don't know their letters to those who have already started to learn.

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Sample Lessons

Unlike other programs that present your child with a series of random exercises, the Reading Kingdom provides your child with a scientifically designed curriculum that teaches your kids exactly what they need to learn, when they need it. And because it's designed with cute characters, playful animations and fun sound effects, kids think that they're playing a game while they're learning. Take a peek at what's inside this fun and effective program.

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How it customizes to your child

As children move through this program, the path they take is customized to their particular needs based on their previous interactions. This prevents children from getting bored by learning what they already know, or frustrated by material that they're not yet ready for.

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Parent support - We're here to help

We offer personal email support as well an extensive resource center that includes videos, tutorials and FAQs. We also run a popular blog where we post learning tips, recommended books and other topics 5 days a week. And we have an active Facebook and Twitter community.

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Are you looking for a complete reading curriculum for homeschool, or a reading program to supplement to your existing curriculum? Join thousands of happy homeschoolers who use the Reading Kingdom to teach their families to read.

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So get started now!

Reading is the single most important skill your child will ever learn. So get started now by using the most effective program available. It's risk free!

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Our Pledge

We're passionate about promoting literacy and believe that every child has the right to learn to read. We don't want to turn anyone away. So, if you can't afford to pay for the program, you can apply for our scholarship subscription.

Bear in mind that we're a privately run company and make our money through your subscriptions, so if you can afford to pay, please do so, because your support enables us to continue to develop products and promote literacy.

Before applying for a Reading Kingdom scholarship, please sign up for a free one month trial. Then you must use the program with the child you are working with a minimum of 4 days per week for 3 weeks after which you can fill out the scholarship form located here. We will let you know if your scholarship has been approved before the one month trial is over.