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Super Sight Words – Keys to reading & writing success!

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“Beginning readers need to master a high-frequency vocabulary.” - Professor Edward Fry, Professor of Education and the Director of the Reading Center at Rutgers University

What if there were a small group of words that worked like a magic key And opened the door of reading? Well there are ... and they're why we made "Super Sight Words," a fun, interactive, program featuring engaging text, fun images, and audio to teach students these key words that make reading fun, fast and easy.

English has more words than any other language – over a million and growing. But a surprisingly small number of these words (around 1,000) make up 65% of every page of text you will ever read. These are called “high frequency words” and it’s recommended that students learn them by sight – that’s why they are often called “sight words.”

Super Sight Words teaches students all the most common words in English – words they see all day, every day – and it teaches the words completely including:

  • pronunciation
  • spelling
  • meaning
  • usage in context

Learning these words gives students a major leg up in both decoding and comprehension.

Samples from the levels for grades K-1

Samples from the levels for grades 2-3

Samples from the levels for grades 4-5

Samples from the levels for grades 7-8

As Professor Fry observed:

“Beginning readers need to master a high-frequency vocabulary. They should be able to read these words "instantly" - without a moment's hesitation - because these words make up 65% of all written material. In fact, more than half of the text of every newspaper article, textbook, children's story, and novel is composed of these words. It is virtually impossible for students to concentrate on comprehension if they are stuck on a word such as ‘their.’”

Fry’s and others’ research showed that knowing a sufficient number of high-frequency words significantly improved students' decoding skills, reading fluency, and comprehension.

And a major added bonus is that the most common high frequency words – known as “function words” which are made up of articles (e.g., "a," "an," "the"), prepositions (e.g., "in," "on," "at"), conjunctions (e.g., "and," "but," "or"), and pronouns (e.g., "he," "she," "it") – are essential to English grammar .

Super Sight Words teaches students the essential high frequency vocabulary they need to succeed in school and in life! It’s a super powerful program.

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