Spelling Ninja

Works on any computer or tablet with an internet connection.

“The research shows that spelling helps children master the alphabetic principle and also has a positive impact on reading.” - Dr. Rebecca Treiman, Professor of Child Developmental Psychology and Director of the Reading and Language Lab at Washington University

“I really liked that my son was able to get the spellings correct so much quicker over such a short period of time. I saw improvement after just 2 or 3 Spelling Ninja lessons.” - Wendy Robertson, parent

“My son really enjoyed Spelling Ninja! He completed the entire course in a few weeks. Before that, he had been struggling through a workbook spelling course, and I feel his spelling really did improve as a result. Parents looking for something different or who are dealing with reluctant spellers should be pleased.” - Linsey Knerl, parent

Reading depends on rapid, smooth decoding. It's what allows a good reader to look at words and instantly recognize what they are "saying" (that is, decode them into real words).

Unfortunately, for many children, this does not happen. Instead, reading is an onerous chore where they have to repeatedly stop to spend time and effort sounding out a slew of words.

How could they have "forgotten" so quickly? The answer is that they did not really "forget." What happened is that they never really processed the word they had sounded out and so no memory of it was laid down. Hence when the word is seen again, it is as if it were a "first" exposure.

Fortunately there is a solution which may be a bit unexpected – since it rests not in reading but in writing. Reading often can be achieved without "exactness." For example, if you show a young child a long word starting with el and ending with ant, the chances are that he or she will say ("correctly") that it is the word elephant. The cues are sufficient to make this "guess." Writing, or at least accurate writing, is not possible if this kind of rough approximation is used. For a word to be written accurately, each and every letter must be noted and placed in the correct sequence. That's why writing holds the key to both successful reading and writing.

Spelling Ninja, developed based on decades of research, guides students to rapidly develop the essential visual memory skills that lead to effortless spelling as well as reading and writing.

For students ages 6+

Prerequisites: Students should have completed Level 2 in Reading Kingdom or be able to read at a 1st grade level.

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