Third grade reading

Third grade reading

In 3rd grade children start to read higher-level books that requires greater comprehension skills. With Reading Kingdom's comprehensive 6-skill system, 3rd graders' eagerness to learn will significantly rise even as they experience the lessons as fun reading games.

At this level, Reading Kingdom expands decoding to include sophisticated concepts central to effective reading and writing. The program also helps children become conversant with word endings that modify meaning and expand language understanding. These lessons ensure a solid base for the mechanics of writing and spelling so that they require minimal effort and attention. As children become familiar with informational texts that are critical to academic success in science and social studies they will be able to deal with longer and more sophisticated books. Moreover, children enhance their attention capacities by working on sessions that steadily increase in length and complexity while incorporating novel techniques to teach comprehension, with specific focus on the main idea and the fostering of higher-level reasoning via concepts involving cause-effect.

Use Reading Kingdom and see children's third grade reading and writing improve dramatically.

Using Reading Kingdom, kids get hooked on reading, while enhancing their comprehension, vocabulary, and overall reading and writing skills!

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