The Reading Kingdom for early readers

Children as young as four who have not yet learned to identify letters or use a mouse and keyboard can learn to read using this program.

If your student is not yet reading, here's how to tell if he or she is ready for the program.

  1. Can your student regularly sit and carry out school like activities for 15 minutes at a time?

  2. Does your student consistently speak in sentences? Examples:
    • "What are we going to do today?"
    • "My friend did not come to school today. She was sick."

  3. Can your student match shapes?

    For example, can he or she identify which of the three shapes on the right matches the one in the left column?

  4. Can your student hold crayons or magic markers to create drawings?

If you answered YES to these 4 questions you will find that the Reading Kingdom is an ideal program to use. It teaches all the skills your student needs to become a successful reader and writer.

Here is a brief 5 minute assessment to determine if your child is ready to do the Reading Kingdom: