Interactive Reading Comprehension Practice & Games

Interactive Reading Comprehension Practice & Games

For many children, understanding what they read is very challenging. That's not because of weaknesses in the children, but because very few reading materials are structured to foster comprehension. These free reading comprehension activities worksheets will help boost a child's reading comprehension skills. They are examples of what the Reading Kingdom program teaches, and they also work well with Story Smarts, our collection of stories designed to improve reading comprehension by providing children with additional reading comprehension activities and practice.

Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Why the Reading Kingdom is so effective at teaching comprehension

When a few key components are provided -- as they are in the Reading Kingdom -- reading blossoms! Two of the key components are:

1. Predictability

In everyday spoken language, ideas do not have to connect. That's why you can talk about one idea (e.g., "I am getting a drink") and then in the next breath, talk about something entirely different (e.g., "Would you like to take a walk?"}. But this is not the case in reading where ideas have to follow one another in a tightly linked manner. Because children are accustomed to spoken language, it takes them some time to realize this new dimension of written language. And rather than helping, phonics-based books actually work against their grasping this idea. That's because those books focus on words and sentences that have similar sounds rather than words and sentences that form meaningful ideas as you can see in standard phonics sentences such as "Nan can nap. Nan had a pan." By contrast, in all the Reading Kingdom books, the sentences offer the clear, meaningful, connected ideas needed for solid comprehension.

2. The main idea

Imagine asking someone the question, "What is a rose?" and receiving in reply, "Well, it can be red, or yellow, or pink and it has a long green stick underneath that can have sticky things on it." All these answers are true, but they miss the mark. The central point is that a rose is a flower. For many children, something comparable happens when they are asked about a story, "What was the main idea?" They can provide a host of details -- all correct -- but all missing the mark. The ability to offer the main idea in a short, succinct manner is a key to reading success and school success. And through modeling (a very effective technique that is rarely used in reading instruction), the main idea is mastered easily and skillfully.

Sign up for the Reading Kingdom today, and see for yourself how the program develops reading comprehension. If you want additional materials, the free worksheets work well with Story Smarts, our collection of stories designed to improve reading comprehension. (These affordable stories are only $9.95 for a pack of six stories.)

Reading Kingdom is the interactive reading game that promotes reading comprehension!

"My 5-year-old, Diego, is just beginning to read. When I heard about Reading Kingdom I was intrigued. I love programs that use games to teach children. They don’t realize how much they are learning while playing the games… Diego now comes home from school, finishes his homework then asks to play on the Reading Kingdom game. I love it!"

Amber Ortega