How the program adapts to each child

How the program adapts to each child

"ASD Reading provides a very systematic and comprehensive approach to the teaching of reading, and it's a very easy program for the children to follow."

Jay Cowan, Elementary School Teacher

Every student is different! Classroom teaching aims to accommodate individual differences, but practical issues make this goal virtually impossible to achieve despite every teacher's best efforts. But technology offers amazing new opportunities for customized teaching that is tailored to each child's skills and needs. It can't ever replace teachers -- the bedrock of our education system. But computers can make teachers' jobs easier by taking over some tasks that they are particularly suited to.

Early reading is one such task and Reading Kingdom has been created with this in mind. One of the best aspects of computer-based teaching is that the computer can easily customize each lesson for each child - regardless of how many children are in a class. That's why as students move through the Reading Kingdom program, the path they take will adapt to their particular needs.

This customization process begins right at the beginning with the Skills Survey. It assesses each student's skills in reading and writing, and based on the results, the program places each child at the point that is just right for his or her skill level. This prevents students from becoming bored and wasting time learning something they already know or being frustrated by tasks that they are not yet ready for.

In fact, all Reading Kingdom's lessons have been scientifically designed after years of research to take advantage of a student's strengths and to help him or her overcome any obstacles. For example, Reading Kingdom:

bypasses the teaching of any words that a student already knows. This saves valuable time, and accelerates learning which adds to a student's motivation.
provides patented teaching techniques that enable a student to overcome any errors he or she encounters. This allows every lesson to end successfully, with a resulting increase in skill and confidence.
includes regular Progress Checks to determine whether a student has mastered each level. If the achievement is on track, he or she moves to the next level; if it is not, review activities are provided to bring a student to the level required for continued progress.

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