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Learn why so many educators consider the Reading Kingdom to be the best of the elementary reading programs for teaching children to read and write, teaching vocabulary strategies and reading comprehension.

"This program has transformed the teaching of reading... The program is absolutely outstanding -- not simply in teaching reading, but also in enabling children to master and expand their knowledge of English. It does so by steadily integrating spoken and written language. No other program with which I’m familiar is comparable in teaching these vital skills. I believe that central to the program's success is: (i) its steady integration of spoken and written language, and (ii) its unique incorporation of "immediate interactive feedback." Research has shown that this type of feedback is critically important to engaging the student and thereby to enhancing effective learning. It regularly provides an immediate response to what the student does, and it offers clear, simple direction to overcome any errors that occur.”
Dr. Bradley Peterson, Director, Institute for the Developing Mind, Keck School of Medicine, USC
"I recently retired after two terms as a School Board Director for the largest school district (11) in Colorado Springs. I am also a retired USAF Colonel. I believe reading success is foundational to life and career success, yet far too many of our children are not succeeding with the traditional phonics-based reading programs. I co-founded a movement in Colorado Springs to help address the reading crisis. We have selected Reading Kingdom as our primary tool to help young students become successful readers. I highly recommend the program." 
Bob Null, Former School Board Director, District 11, Colorado Springs
"I have a 1st grade class that is majority English learners, low income, and significantly behind grade level. Students in my classroom often only have learning experiences and support in my classroom. I was looking for a program that would benefit my students' significant achievement gaps and get them to grade level. We used Reading Kingdom during our reading intervention block for 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week. The program was easy to implement and the pre-assessment given at the beginning was a great support to determine what level my students should begin at. At the end of the school year my classroom achieved 80% of students reading at grade level. This is coming from 20% of students that were reading at grade level at the beginning of the school year. Reading Kingdom helped eliminate a majority of the gaps my students had. I would highly recommend Reading Kingdom especially to those teachers who come from high poverty and low performing schools. You will be amazed at how implementing this program into your classroom routine can achieve great results. Thank you Reading Kingdom!" 
Lyle Patty, 1st Grade, Mayfair Elementary, Fresno, CA
"Reading Kingdom was an answer to my prayers. My students' reading abilities have soared, and my principal is astounded that this program could do so much to teach reading to kindergarteners. Thank you very much for your outstanding program!" 
Kathy Radford, Kindergarten teacher, Jefferson Elementary, Rigby Idaho
"Dear Reading Kingdom, I wanted to pass along a note I received from one of our clients: 'I am writing to share some amazing stats regarding Moss and his time on Reading Kingdom over the course of the summer. We recently attended his Parent-Teacher Conference with the school's reading specialist in attendance as well. On the Dibels Test at the end of last year Moss scored 29 with a goal of 58 on his NWF (Nonsense Word Fluency - Correct Letter Sounds) and 0 where the goal was 13 on his NWF (Nonsense Word Fluency - Whole Words Read). Now, keep in mind this is for 1st grade level reading at the end of last year - which was the end of his first grade year. The exciting piece: being tested on Dibels again at the second grade level after a summer of Reading Kingdom work he tests in those same two categories at a second grade level 63 with a goal of 54 on his NWF (CLS) and 20 with a goal of 13 on his NWF (WWR)! The reading specialist was blown away by "whatever we'd done . This is exciting stuff and I wanted to thank you. So, thank you! -- Larry' And thank you, again, from me too! Your program is changing children's lives." 
Gary Smith, The Reading Success Movement
"Last year I taught at Hodgin Elementary, an at-risk, low income (100% free lunch) school with many non-native English speakers. There were five kindergarten classes. At the end of the year the other teachers each had two or three students reading above grade level, while I had 10 reading above grade level (as determined by the DRA test). While I would like to take all the credit, much of it goes to Reading Kingdom. I always liked to hear my students say "Oh I learned this on Reading Kingdom!" I reported my great Reading scores to the principal and strongly encouraged her to use Reading Kingdom in all kindergarten and first grade classes next year. "
Nancy Collopy, teacher, Hodgin Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM
“Reading Kingdom is a monumental work that makes available to educators, therapists and families a simple, straightforward and time-tested approach.”
Dr. Jeffrey A. Lieberman, Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University
"The program addresses the deficiencies seen in phonics and the whole language approach to reading...I highly recommend this for those of you who have early readers like I do. The financial investment will garner huge returns for you." 
Anitra Elmore, Teacher
"I've used Reading Kingdom and gotten fantastic feedback. It's been a huge success. One student (a ninth grader) originally tested at the first grade level and now she's reading at the 4th grade level. Her speech also improved dramatically and it turned out to be a life-changer for her and her parents. Thank you." 
Sue Sommer,
"I teach 5th grade in a school of English language learners, immigrant/refugee students. None has been in the U.S. for more than 2 years, and many have never even been in school before. 2 years ago I used Reading Kingdom and got outstanding results, with their teachers the following year commenting on their evident vocabulary and literacy skills. Last year when my school ran out of funds and couldn't afford to pay for Reading Kingdom I went with the phonics-based program the school had already purchased, and the results were very poor. So this year I decided I had to pay for Reading Kingdom out of my own pocket to make sure my students received all the benefits your program provides. I look forward to seeing my current students achieve and become the readers they want to be. Thank you Reading Kingdom for making such a great program available!" 
Barbara Chiodini, Nahed Chapman New American Academy, St. Louis.
Reading Kingdom provides a very systematic and comprehensive approach to the teaching of reading, and it's a very easy program for the children to follow.
Jay Cowan, Elementary School Teacher
"The Reading Kingdom is a innovative system will be of enormous use to the millions of parents who dream of reading success for their children."
Susan A. Rose, Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Reading Kingdom is a brilliant achievement with far reaching implications for the teaching of reading.
Sherry Pallay, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist
The program is phenomenal. I have never seen anything like it for teaching children how to read and giving them the foundation they need to be successful in school.
Rochelle Sherman, Ph.D., Psychologist
Children learn to read very quickly using Reading Kingdom. This program really works.
Alberta Tabak, Elementary School Teacher
"I am so pleased with the results I am getting from my children with the Reading Kingdom and they are all so happy to complete the worksheets. It is making quite a difference to the older children struggling with literacy and I love the post-test sentences. The children derive so much satisfaction from writing a complete sentence correctly for possibly the first time in their lives." 
Lynne Middleton Speech/Language Therapist Perth, Australia
"The success has been phenomenal. All the students are doing well and making steady progress. The parents, of course, could not be more pleased." 
Donna Orloff, Speech Pathologist
The program leads to improvement that is nothing short of remarkable. It provides a new approach to reading instruction that has been incredibly effective for my students. I highly recommend it.
Avneet Ahluwalia, Reading Tutor
"I've tried multiple literacy programs and this is the only one that works. It's very simple." 
Joe Kennedy, Reading Teacher

The Reading Kingdom is an elementary reading program based on our patented six skills method for reading success. These skills include sequencing, motor skills, phonics (phonemic awareness), meaning, grammar and reading comprehension. The online reading program is ideal for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, and special education. It's is an ideal supplement to existing curricula, as well an excellent independent curriculum.