Preschool reading

Preschool reading

It is important for preschoolers to love school from the beginning. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that they have success with learning to read. Reading Kingdom offers a fun and animated way to catch a preschooler's attention and to help them to love reading, while noticeably improving their preschool reading skills.

Using this online reading program, preschool readers will become familiar with the letters of the alphabet while learning to recognize and produce upper and lower case letters. They will develop the keyboarding skills needed for writing (a separate handwriting program is also available).

Reading Kingdom develops the left to right scanning of letter sequences and the ability to recognize simple common words and to know their meaning. Kids also learn how to recognize the links between written and spoken words as well as simple punctuation. All these skills are fundamental in preschool reading and essential to future reading ability.

"The program addresses the deficiencies seen in phonics and the whole language approach to reading...I highly recommend this for those of you who have early readers like I do. The financial investment will garner huge returns for you"

Anitra Elmore, teacher

Because every child has distinct qualities that make him or her different from his or her classmates and friends, Reading Kingdom has been created to adapt to each child's learning ability and pace. Using Reading Kingdom you will see results very quickly! Don't delay and take advantage of this program which makes learning to read easy and fun!

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